Patient Experience Coordinator

Mariam Koroshinadze

Meet Mari:

Mari is a highly motivated and detail-oriented business graduate with a diploma in Business Management from Humber College. Currently pursuing a degree in Human Resources Management, she is driven to expand her skills and professional growth in a professional business environment. Proficient in Microsoft Office and experienced in customer service and team collaboration, Mari possesses a solid foundation of skills that make her a valuable asset to any organization.

With a strong commitment to improving, influencing, and impacting the lives of others, Mari is excited about the opportunity to join the team at Vaughan Physio and contribute her skills and expertise to enhancing the patient experience. Her studies in Human Resources Management at Humber College have equipped her with a deep understanding of effective personnel management and the ability to handle various HR-related responsibilities.

In her current role, Mari demonstrates exceptional administrative skills by handling incoming and outgoing phone calls, answering email inquiries and chats, and scheduling appointments. She is responsible for verifying patients in and out of the clinic, drafting invoices and receipts, and ensuring the cleanliness of the clinic is maintained at all times. Mari troubleshoots any concerns or issues related to the clinic, providing timely and efficient resolutions. Additionally, she administers support services to practitioners, contributing to a smooth functioning environment. Mari also oversees inventory and facilities management, demonstrating her organizational and technical aptitude.

With strong customer service and interpersonal skills, Mari excels in creating positive and engaging interactions with patients and colleagues alike. Her ability to multitask and prioritize tasks effectively, along with her attention to detail and accuracy in record-keeping, ensures that operations run smoothly. Mari's excellent communication skills and problem-solving abilities further enhance her ability to contribute to the team and handle any challenges that may arise.

Mari's dedication to continuous improvement, combined with her technical proficiency and organizational skills, make her a valuable asset in any business setting. With her passion for enhancing the lives of others and her ongoing pursuit of excellence, Mari is poised to make a meaningful impact in the field of Human Resources Management and contribute to the success of Vaughan Physio.



Favourite Food:

Beans and pizza

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