Registered Physiotherapist (RPT, MScPT, HBSc)

Senal Peiris PT

About Senal: 
Senal completed his Master’s of Physiotherapy degree at the University of Toronto, and prior to that completed his Bachelor of Science majoring in Physiology. He is passionate about providing evidence-based physiotherapy care and utilizes the best research available to develop your treatment plan. Senal has treated a wide variety of patients with different orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Senal places utmost importance on delivering physiotherapy care that is tailored towards reaching his patient’s goals and timelines, whether that be returning to sport or relieving pain.

Senal’s interests include sport-related injuries and conditions, pre/post-surgical rehab, progressing mobility of the elderly, and chronic pain.

Senal’s physiotherapy treatment plans typically involve manual therapy, soft-tissue release, exercise prescription, and thorough education to ensure you understand your condition and effective management strategies. Senal’s passion for physio sparked from his experiences playing numerous sports and dealing with sport-related injuries. In his spare time, Senal is a hockey and power-skating instructor, and participates in playing hockey, tennis, and baseball.

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