Registered Physiotherapist (RPT, MScPT)

Derrick Shao PT

About Derrick: 
Derrick Shao is an experienced physiotherapist who has practiced in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. He received his Master of Physiotherapy degree from the University of Sydney which was renowned in 2017 as QS World Rankings #1 in Physical Rehabilitation Sciences. He is also a proud alumnus at the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor’s Degree with an Honors Specialization in Kinesiology.

Derrick grew up in Markham, Ontario and has been always been passionate about sport and activity. He ran track and played tennis competitively in high school which led to his interest in sports medicine and biomechanics. During his undergraduate years he developed an interest in lower limb injuries through his personal injury experiences - and later as a research assistant at the Wolf Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory at Western University. These experiences pushed him towards a career in Physiotherapy.

Derrick has had the privilege to work and travel internationally as a team Physiotherapist for professional and collegiate sports. This includes Australian professional baseball, suburban Rugby Union, Rugby Sevens, and Netball organizations in New South Wales, Australia.

Derrick has a strong focus on evidence-based practice with post graduate interest in treating sports injuries and rotational athletes. He is trained in Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Western Acupuncture and Dry Needling, Athletic Training and Taping, Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point Therapy. Derrick routinely uses dry needling and joint manipulation to reduce pain, improve joint range of motion, and modulate neuromuscular function. Standardized manual testing and subjective scoring is used routinely which affords an empirical approach to his assessment and treatment. His pride is held to the authenticity in his work, and the success of his patients.

In his spare time he enjoys cycling, watching basketball, and playing tennis with his family.

Favourite Food:
Shortbread Cookies

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