Senior's Program

We are happy to offer seniors special programs at the clinic. We offer senior's programs for a variety of services based on each individual's needs and health history. Please give us a call to find out more.

What is the Senior's Programs?

• Pre-Operative Knee Rehabilitation
• Post-Operative Knee Rehabilitation  
• Pre-Operative Hip Rehabilitation
• Post-Operative Hip Rehabilitation  
• Pre and Post-Operative Rehabilitation
• Senior’s Safe Strengthening Program
• Orthopaedic physiotherapy
• Arthritis & Osteoporosis Program

• GLA:D Program for Knee & Hip Osteoarthritis
• Exercise and Falls Prevention Program
• Dizziness and Balance Program
• Treatment for Vertigo
• Foot Care
• Diabetic care
• Urinary incontinence
• Assistive Devices Program (ADP)

We are happy to provide our senior citizens with a special programs. Our clinic wants to take care of members of our community, and we understand that our senior’s have built the pathways for us to succeed. Our experienced and understanding staff will assess and provide a treatment plan for you to meet your personal goals for physical health.

Our mission is to provide quality, individualized, evidence-based physiotherapy to our senior's community that makes a difference. Some of the programs we offer are:

Senior’s population is expected to grow from 16% to 19% in Toronto by 2030. It is important to keep our senior’s independent and healthy for our city.

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