Mitra Soltanpanahi PT

Registered Physiotherapist (RPT, DPT), Certified Vestibular Therapist

Meet Mitra.


  • BSc. Kin - York University
  • DPT - D'Youville College

Memberships and Certifications:

  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association
  • Ontario Physiotherapy Association
  • First Aid + CPR 
  • IMS Dry Needling and Segmental Needling
  • Level 1 Introductory Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Level 2 Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation (Dizziness and Balance Rehabilitation Clinic under Bernard Tonks BSc FCAMPT
  • Sports Taping
  • Kinesio-Taping

Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • Farsi


Mitra is an accomplished and highly qualified physical therapist with a strong background in rehabilitation, specializing in vestibular rehabilitation. She has undergone extensive training and certifications with Bernard Tonks at the Dizziness and Balance Rehabilitation Clinic, further enhancing her expertise in this field.

With an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and a doctoral degree in Physical Therapy, Mitra's educational journey has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the human body and its biomechanics. She completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy at D'Youville College in Buffalo, NY in 2016, following her Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Kinesiology and Health Science at York University in 2013. Mitra is certified in both Canada and the United States, demonstrating her commitment to maintaining the highest standards of practice.

Drawing upon her four years of clinical experience in orthopedic outpatient settings, Mitra has successfully treated a diverse range of musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), and pre/post-operative rehabilitation cases. Her expertise extends beyond orthopedics, as she has received specialized training in vestibular rehabilitation, allowing her to effectively diagnose and treat patients suffering from vertigo and concussion-related symptoms.

Mitra's approach to treatment emphasizes a combination of manual soft tissue release, cupping, taping, acupuncture, and a variety of modalities and therapeutic exercises tailored to each patient's unique needs. Her passion lies in diagnosing the root causes of her patients' problems and recommending evidence-based treatment plans, consistently delivering successful outcomes and earning her a reputation as a highly sought-after clinician.

In addition to her clinical qualifications, Mitra has pursued additional certifications to expand her skill set. She has completed IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) Dry Needling and Segmental Needling Level 1, as well as both Level 1 Introductory and Level 2 Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation courses under the guidance of Bernard Tonks at the Dizziness and Balance Rehabilitation Clinic.

Mitra's dedication to her profession is matched only by her linguistic abilities. She is fluent in both Farsi and English, enabling her to effectively communicate with a diverse range of patients and provide exceptional care to individuals from various cultural backgrounds.

With her extensive qualifications, specialization in vestibular rehabilitation, and commitment to evidence-based practice, Mitra is an invaluable member of the Vaughan Physiotherapy Clinic team. Her ability to accurately diagnose and treat patients, combined with her compassionate approach, ensures that individuals receive the highest quality of care and achieve optimal outcomes

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